New clients

I have amazed myself at how much I am enjoying this coaching!  Its very fulfilling. I must admit I had wondered if I could do it and to be honest those thoughts come back now and then making me doubt that I am doing it well or right or that I even know what I am doing at all.  But its been great.

To see or hear the light going on for people is fabulous.

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I had a class tonight and it was about grief. Coaching people who have experienced grief. There are so many areas we can experience grief.

As we spoke I was reminded of the grief I felt when I had to leave my children behind in Sydney when we were transferred to Brisbane. Even though I knew it was a possibility in life, I think I didn’t really expect it to happen to me. The thought of having to move them out of the house and find somewhere else for them, knowing they were at university and the pressures they would be under from that and home life was just devastating. As I reflect back on it, it still hurts.  Why?  They are doing really well. They are coping very well.  Doing well in university. Graduating, getting through.  One could say thriving. They have someone special in their lives as well as each other. I am grieving not being a part of their lives. I am missing out on things in their lives which I am finding difficult to cope with and accept.  Having them in my life for so long and then not, its difficult.

Its easier to know they are doing well, but I can’t say I don’t miss them terribly.  I have to let that go.  I can still miss them, but I have to let go any anger or bitterness I have towards anyone who was involved in this.

We also left our church.  That was a really difficult experience. There were people there who were very hurtful and I have been carrying around grief of moving but also resentment for how they treated me.  But what good does this bring?  Nothing.  It just makes me suffer because they don’t know or care what they have done or how I feel. They probably have no idea I am still hurting.  I don’t want to hurt anymore.  I have to let it go.,

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Business Opportunities

I am making progress.

I have 3 clients outside ICA.  One I have had 2 sessions and may need a few more.  One I have had 1 and that will probably be all that’s needed.  One I am meeting up with in a few days and I believe could be likely to be more ongong.

I have contacted 2 ICA students and am chatting with one tomorrow and need to make contact with another.

I have spoken to a friend who is able to design web sites and we are going to work on that.  I am intending to make contact with someone else who is a graphic designer who can help me with a logo. I’ve come up with a name – ChrisA Coaching.  I think this is fitting with not only my name but also my concept of emerging from the chrysalis into the butterfly.  I need to do a search of names though to make sure no one else has it. Also need to get my ABN for tax purposes.  I have someone who has businesses so I’m going to get ‘coached’ from him on what I need to do.  There have been talks of going into business together as he is looking at moving into motivational speaking and training. My background is also training and development and in the area of HR. So, who knows.

I feel I have to start and do some definite things to move this forward or it will end up being a course I do and nothing come of it. And I don’t want that.

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Seeking clients

I’ve gotten very brave and I have posted on the discussion board that I am seeking peer client.  I have also responded to a few who are seeking peer coaches. So we will see what happens. This is a big deal but I feel I have to get started on this. Better to jump in sometimes than wait around.

I have also lined up 3 outside people to coach. I’ve done the first and it went well and I have a follow up Tuesday. I’ve lined another up for Wednesday and the other possibly Thursday. We just need to finalise that. When I send Riss the info she responded that it sounded just like what she needed. Looking forward to it.

Wish me well!

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My Coaching Model is Competent!

Yay, what a wonderful way to start the day to get the following email.  So excited. And such nice encouraging words.  Indicates they actually read it. Sometimes I wonder if people read things I submit at work, so this is nice.


Thank you Christine, for this COMPETENT, creative and powerful example of a coaching model.  Your xxxxx model is clear and visually appealing, utilizing the ICA tools in an effective and inspiring way.

Your clients will be well-supported by your emphasis on being “set free and the potential
within us is set free and its beautiful and ready to fly.”  You will certainly be of service to them in a very significant way.

All the best with your coaching practice.
Jamee Tenzer

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Wow. This was a great class and very challenging.

When have I been acknowledged. When was it something that really meant something?  When have I acknowledged others?  How important is it?  When have I acknowledged myself. How can I expect to be acknowledged by others if I’m not prepared to acknowledge myself.

Why do we not take positive news well?  When we are acknowledged or complimented we can’t take it. I know there have been times…in fact one comes to mind. I was acknowledged for something I did well, so they said, and I had incredible trouble accepting it. I was embarrassed and wasn’t sure they could be right. By doing that I diminished what they were saying and probably was like throwing it back in their faces.  Why do I find it so difficult to accept an acknowledgement or compliment.  I basically must not think I am worthy.  Why?

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Finally…my first coaching of a client

This was an exciting day and rewarding.

I had a friend who I had been speaking to about coaching and I said I needed people to coach and if she knew anyone who would be interested to let me know. She said what about her.

So we met up today.  At first I was telling her about it and showing her some material and brochures that I’ve prepared. I said there was no obligation. I thought she was going to take the info and read it at home and I mentioned more about what coaching is and said it could be, What is something you would love to do if you had nothing stopping you?  Suddenly she said to me MIDWIFERY.  So I got out my note book and said to her, lets explore that.  And we did.

It was really good. And she now has something to think about and some research to do to look into it. 

Great start.  Also gave her the brochures to her to share with her work colleagues.

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Positive Week

I am pleased to say I have had a very good week.

I’ve managed to do 8 teleclasses, had 2 people ask me to coach them, got my coaching information together to give out to prospective clients, and managed to do a level 3 class, which was fabulous. So all in all it was good.  I also spent Wednesday at Seaworld on the Gold Coast so that was super fabulous.

I’m really working hard to get all this done in time, but I also need to understand it and be able to apply it. That’s why I’m looking forward to doing some coaching. See how I go…will be exciting. One is an executive so I am very flattered that I would be asked. I’ll keep you posted.

Classes have been really good. Content is so interesting. I really look forward to the classes and hearing what everyone has been doing and what they are experiencing.

Brilliant opportunity. So glad I found this course.

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Took part in the Trust v Doubt class. My very first level 3 and it was great.  Wonderful to hear Kathy our facilitator. I felt like as she described herself regarding trust in speaking up in class that she was actually describing me. I’m glad its not just me. Thank you. I know I need to trust my thoughts more.  MY VOICE MATTERS. What a great line. I just have to trust that what I have to say matters.  I often think that because its me saying it, it probably isn’t that important. Other people have probably got something more important than what I have to say. The area of self doubt is the area I have to work on.  It must stem from something that has happened. And I think I know when. I can remember being told after expressing my thoughts about something that I was stupid for thinking that, so I have that fear that if I say something people are going to tell me I am stupid. Consequently, any time of negative comment takes me right back there. I think I have discovered what it is that makes me feel like I do. 

Wow. I cannot let something that happened so very long ago continue to effect me and make me feel like what I have to say isnt important. I have experience.

When coaching, its not about me and what I feel its about the client and what they are going through. I have to step aside from ME because its not about me in this instance, its about the CLIENT.

Lets hope I can work about this.  Cannot allow self doubt to take over, I have to challenge myself. Not fear. I will feel so good once I step out and have the learning opportunity to work out what went well and what didn’t and learn from it. Not be too worried if it didn’t go well and learn from it.

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Feeling better

Had a good session with my coach so I’m feeling better.

I am just going to wait and see what those in the know have to say about my model and go from there. Showed someone else and all they could point out was that I had two words spelt wrong. Great feedback…NOT.

I’m working on a plan to present to work about a coaching program. I’m also attending a meeting about it in a few weeks so I’d like to get at least 3 people to coach from it as well as contribute and get coaching moving amongst our staff.  I am hoping for good things.

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